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  • Louis Armstrong Wore A Star Of David

    Louis Armstrong, the famous Jazz musician, wore a Star of David throughout most of his adult life.  

  • Hanukkah in the Ghetto

    Hanukkah in the ghetto. Never before in Jewish Warsaw were there as many Hanukkah celebrations as in this year of the wall… 

  • A Torah Service In Geobbel’s House

    In every age they rise up to destroy us, but the Holy One [and the U.S. Army!] rescues us from their hands!

  • An Object Of War Became Her Wedding Dress

    One German parachute became a wedding dress for 17 brides in a Displaced Persons camp.

  • Rachel’s Tomb

    Our matriarch’s tomb looks tragically different today. Security walls, cameras and barbed wire guard the site from terrorism.

  • A Teacher Like Mrs. Schreiber

    The Talmud is completely unlike any other book of law. It records contradictory opinions, illustrative anecdotes and mystical allegories because it is actually a study guide for teacher and student.

  • Elizabeth Taylor Was Jewish, And Willing To Risk Her Life For The Jewish People

    When terrorists hijacked an Israeli flight and made outrageous demands, Taylor offered to help by trading herself for the kidnapped passengers. 

  • Johnny Cash In Israel

    “It takes a real man to live for God” – Johnny Cash

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