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  • Lady, I’m Not A Nice Man

    She hurried into the pharmacy, got the medicine, and hustled back to the car. Only then did she realize she’d locked her keys inside.

  • If The Man Who Found This Is A Liar And A Thief

    A poor Jew finds a money clip with $700 in it. At his synagogue, he reads a notice saying that a wealthy congregant lost his money clip and is offering a $100 reward. 

  • The Muslim King Who Saved Jews

    King Mohammed V of Morocco saved his country’s 250,000 Jews from persecution and death at the hands of France’s pro-Nazi Vichy regime during the Holocaust. 

  • Louis Armstrong Wore A Star Of David

    Louis Armstrong, the famous Jazz musician, wore a Star of David throughout most of his adult life.  

  • I’m Salvador, And I’m A Complicated Jew

    I was recently asked, “Sal, what kind of Jew are you?” It was not a rhetorical question.

  • I Saw My Grandmother’s Soul Leave Her Body

    I know the soul exists. Perhaps that’s not a big claim given how often people talk about souls. Despite all that attention, however, it remains difficult to know what the soul is, and how it affects our lives.

  • A Jewish Journal Cover Story: The Accidental Talmudist

    My voyage through the sea of Talmud began with a miracle and ended in transformation. I joined 90,000 Jews at MetLife Stadium to celebrate the completion of the  7 1/2 year cycle.

  • What are the Noahide Laws?

    The Noahide laws are laws given by God to all mankind. They’re fairly straightforward, but like anything in matters of faith, there’s endless depth available for those who inquire.

  • A Tale Of Two Brothers, Or Proof That Heredity Is Not Destiny.

    Hermann Goering was Hitler’s right-hand man and the founder of the Gestapo.  Albert Goering was his younger brother. While his maniacal sibling was killing Jews, Albert worked tirelessly to save them.

  • The Jewish Valentine’s Day

    Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel said, “Israel had no days as festive as the 15th of Av, when the maidens of Jerusalem would go out dressed in white… and dance in the vineyards.”

  • Comedians In The Talmud

    There have always been jokers among us. Their destiny is not like everyone else’s…

  • Can You Spot The Latino?

    My teacher called “Salvador Litvak” on the first day of class, and I told her I go by “Alex.” No one batted an eye, but deep down I felt like a coward.

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