🛎 AT Daily! 458 – 🗝 KEY DAF! 🎁 What Was Inside The Ark Of The Covenant? 🪙 Shekalim 16

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Topics covered:

Chapter 6, Mishna 1 What was the Ark of the Covenant? What was in it besides the Tablets of the Ten Commandments? Was the original Torah Scroll inside it too? Was there a second Ark that was carried into battle? Moses created the Anointing Oil in the Wilderness that was used to anoint the High Priest. The same container of oil was used to anoint kings centuries later, and presumably it will be used to anoint Moschiach (lit. Anointed One) in the future. The oil was hidden away with the Ark. Why were some kings of Israel not anointed with it? How were the Ten Commandments laid out on the two Tablets? The primordial Torah was written with black fire on white fire.

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