πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #212 – 🚘 Not To Talk Business on Shabbos, But My Car Is For Sale… – πŸ•―πŸ•― Shabbos 150

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Topics covered:

Chapter 23, Mishna 3

We may not hire workers on Shabbos to perform work after Shabbos. Nor may we engage a non-Jew to do this task for us. We can’t use subterfuge to talk business, nor employ the erroneous custom of saying β€œNot to talk business on Shabbos but…” We may, however, agree to meet after Shabbos without setting an agenda for the meeting, even if we know business will be discussed, because contemplation is permitted. But is it? We may not contemplate Torah matters in a place of filth or before nakedness, so contemplation is significant. So if we must think about work on Shabbos, let it be to contemplate how we can better do the business of Heaven in our lives. In fact, we can discuss and even apportion money on Shabbos for the business of Heaven, i.e. to assign charitable funds for the poor or the needs of the community. In Roman times, we could attend the circus or theater on Shabbos because being part of the audience might save Jewish lives that would otherwise be thrown to the lions. Beautiful story about a pious man who forgot it was Shabbos, planned to fix a breach in the all around his property, remembered it was Shabbos and vowed not to fix it ever. He was rewarded with a miracle…

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