πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #167- 😑Smashing Stuff in Anger is Like Idol Worship – πŸ•―πŸ•― Shabbos 105

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The minimum measure to be Biblically liable for writing on Shabbos is two letters that form a word or carry some distinct meaning. What about one letter that symbolizes something? R’ Yehoshua ben Beteira says yes, Rabbis say no. The first word of the Ten Commandmants, Anochi, contains a crucial message: God put Godself in the Torah, and this is why it so important to learn – we come closer to our Creator as we study His teachings. End Chapter 12, begin Chapter 13. Minimum measure for weaving is two threads, and min for sewing is two stitches or tearing a cloth that will require two stitches to repair. Destructive labor is exempt unless we destroy in order to repair or rebuild, in which case we are liable. One who tears garments in anger or mourning on Shabbos is exempt UNLESS he tears in mourning for an immediate relative. In this case the tearing is obligated, constructive and one is liable. Tearing garments in anger, or smashing vessels or scattering money is tantamount to worshipping idols. One who allows him or herself to be overcome by anger in this way may well come to a bad end, and we must work to root out uncontrolled anger from ourselves. Every tear shed over the death of an upright person is stored in Heaven on our account, and causes one’s sins to be forgiven.

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