🛎 AT Daily! #125 – ⚔️ Carrying Weapons on Shabbos – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 63

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Topics covered:

Carrying weapons on Shabbos is prohibited Biblically according to the Rabbis, R’ Eliezer permits because he considers them ornaments. This dispute is tied to the nature of weapons and whether they will still be worn in the Messianic Age. What will that Age be like? Shmuel says like this in most matters. R’ Hiyya bar Abba says totally different. Law is like Rabbis, and even if we carry a gun on Shabbos in times of danger (which is permitted) we are still violating Shabbos. Rewards for Torah scholars who sharpen each other, and are agreeable with each other. Reward for planning to do a mitzvah even if plan not realized. Surprise: lending $ is higher than giving charity to a poor person, and investing in him is highest of all.

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