🛎 AT Daily! #331 – 🧖‍♀️ Meet Hulda, One Of The Seven Hebrew Prophetesses🍷Pesachim 9

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Topics covered:

Chapter 1, Mishna 2

Once the search for leaven, chametz, has been completed, we need not worry that a marten (so furry and cute!) has entered the house and dragged away some chametz leaving crumbs behind. One might think there would be no concern even if he did enter because he eats it! Nope, he might realize bread is getting scarce this time of year, and wish to stow some away. Rava asks, and is the marten a prophetess?! Actually, yes. The Hebrew word for marten is Hulda, same as the name of a great prophetess in 2 Kings 22, so let’s learn a bit about this amazing woman…

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