🛎 AT Daily! #1282 ðŸĨŠ Rabbi Yehuda vs. Rabbi Yehuda ðŸŠķ Gittin 54

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Topics covered:
Chapter 5, Mishna 3, 4
If someone unintentionally planted tree on Shabbos of sabbatical year, must it be uprooted? Should we be more stringent about sabbatical year or Shabbos? What is penalty for violating sabbatical year? If someone gives non sacred produce in an impure state as restitution, is his payment valid? Is a penalty imposed in case of unintentional transgression of rabbinic law? Can tithing take place on Shabbos? Can an item mistakenly toiveled on Shabbos be used? If priest makes a mistake with offering, does he have to pay for it? If someone had wrong intention when writing Torah scroll, does he still get paid? Is the scroll valid?

Opening song: Rainforest sounds

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