🛎 AT Daily! #313 – 📝 Rav Ashi’s Word Of The Day: Furthermore! 🏘 Eruvin 95

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Topics covered:

Chapter 9 ends with two rulings of Rabbi Yehuda that were overruled by the Rabbis. Why did Rebbi include these rulings in the Mishna? Why is “And furthermore…” the key to understanding them, per Rav Ashi? Chapter 10, the final chapter of Tractate Eruvin includes lots of rulings related to Shabbos but not necessarily abut eruv. The key is, how far will the Rabbis go in issuing decrees to enhance the beauty of Shabbos and protect us from coming to violate the Torah’s prohibition on doing work during Shabbos? The first case concerns one who finds lost Tefilllin on Shabbos. How does he rescue this holy item, given that it is has no permitted use on Shabbos?

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