🛎 AT Daily! #287 – ✡️ When Is A Jew Considered Not A Jew? 🏘 Eruvin 69

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Topics covered:

Chapter 6, Mishna 1

Who were the Sadducees and Boethusians? Why did Rabban Gamliel’s father tell his Jewish neighbors to hurry up and use their alleyway on Shabbos before the Sadducee used it and took back the rights he renounced for the benefit of their eruv? Why did Rabbi Yehuda tell this story differently? What is an Apostate Jew? What is a “brazen-faced” Apostate Jew? Can a Jew ever become a non-Jew? No. Can a Jew lose his status as a Jew with respect to certain legal issues that affect other Jews? Yes. How? Why is publicly desecrating Shabbos considered like worshipping idols? May a non-Jew bring an offering for the altar in the Holy Temple when it is standing in Jerusalem? Yes. May a brazen-faced Apostate Jew? No. Why?

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