🛎 AT Daily! #284 – ❤️ Meet The Mensch: Rav Yosef 🏘 Eruvin 66

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Topics covered:

Chapter 6, Mishna 1

On Shabbos, may we “rent” the rights in a shared courtyard of a Gentile so the Jews can carry there on Shabbos? Rabbi Yochanan says yes. Shmuel does not allow this under certain conditions. Rav Yosef expressed surprise at Shmuel’s ruling. Abaye reminded Rav Yosef that he himself had taught Abaye and his colleagues about Shmuel’s ruling. Rav Yosef was known as “Sinai” – one with an intellect/memory so vast he had the entire oral tradition at his fingertips. So why did he forget? Let’s do a deep dive on the great scholar, sage and mensch, Rav Yosef.

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