🛎 AT Daily! #237 – 🔥 There Are Three Entrances To The Netherworld –  🏘Eruvin 19

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Topics covered:

Chapter 2, Mishna 1

Continuing the last three of ten teachings by Rabbi Yirmeyah ben Elazar. When Babylonia was cursed, its neighbors were cursed too, but when Shomron, Samaria, was cursed its neighbors were blessed. Earthly kings are unlike the Heavenly King: when a king condemns us to die, we curse him, but when God condemns us to die we remain silent or even praise Him. This is a function of holy shame, available to all, and especially Jews. There are three entrances to Gehenna: wilderness, sea and Jerusalem. They may be physical accesses, but they’re also important metaphorical lessons re behaviors that lead to Hell. Mitzvas and atonement protect us from that path. Back to enclosure around a well in a public domain – corner posts can be made of nearly any substance so long as it’s sturdy enough and has within it the necessary dimensions of actual corner posts. 

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