🛎 AT Daily! #230 –  ⛩️Side Posts and Crossbeams: Dividers or Reminders? –  🏘Eruvin 12

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Topics Covered:

“Tefach” – handsbreadth measurement (between 3 & 4 inches) Rav Ashi “non”ruling on doorways (tzuras hapesach) Creating space/reality: Shofar blowing – confusing Satan Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal – blessing and curse location, defined. Temple location not defined. Rabbi Mordechai Druk answer, holiness is on us to bring into the place. Eiruvin- another form of recognizing and creating space. King Solomon forbade transfer between private domains as a “fence” to the Biblical injunction, but created the “solution” as well – Eruv, putting us in charge of creating our space, getting us invested in our reality. “Your space does not define you; you define your space – and by extension your reality.” Childhood home. Happy Birthday Melly! Shana Tovah to All!

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