πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #770 πŸ¦ͺ You Held This Pearl Of Wisdom In Your Hand And Concealed It From Me? πŸ‘ Chagigah 3

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Topics covered:

Chapter 1, Mishna 1

Learning laws of the commandment to appear before the Lord in the Holy Temple during Festivals from the commandment for the whole nation to assemble every seven years to hear the king read the Book of Deuteronomy aloud. Distinguishing the deaf-mute’s obligations from one who is either deaf or mute. Why are children obligated in the commandment of assembly? For the merit of their parents! Abraham was the first convert. How can we follow the Torah if even its Sages don’t agree on what it says?

#Judaism #halacha #Torah #festivals #offerings #deaf #mute #mitzvos #ger #convert

Opening song: Yahrtzeit Nigun by Shlomo Katz Music

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