🛎 AT Daily! 613-615 – 🕯📆💥When Shabbos and Festivals Collide🥚Beitzah 15-17

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Topics covered:

Chapter 1, Mishna 12, Chapter 2, Mishna 1 Which items may be carried through the public domain on a Festival? A spiked sandal is not one of them, due to a tragic event. How do we handle cooking for a “three-day Yomtov,” meaning two day Festival adjacent to Shabbos? Why should we spend freely for the needs of Shabbos and Festival meals? Which items fall outside the amount of yearly livelihood decreed for us during the Ten Days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? How do we thank God for giving us Festivals when those day coincide with Shabbos?

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