• Chukat Chukat: Strange Statutes

    The Red Heifer

  • ChukatBalak Chukat-Balak: A Blessed Nation

    Unsuccessful Prophet

  • Chukat Chukat: The Red Heifer

    The 613 commandments given by God on Mount Sinai are generally divided into two categories: misphatim (laws) and chukim (decrees). Mishpatim are rules with a clear benefit, for example “Do not murder,” “Do not steal.” Chukim defy rational comprehension. The …

  • Chukat Chukat: Did The Punishment Fit The Crime?

    Why was Moses forbidden to enter the Promised Land?

  • Chukat Chukat: The Most Mysterious Law In The Torah

    How can contact with the red heifer defile the ritually pure, while purifying the ritually impure? Table for Five: Chukat  Edited by Salvador Litvak, the Accidental Talmudist This is the statute of the Torah which the Lord commanded, saying, Speak …

  • ChukatBalak Chukat Balak: Was Aaron Guilty By Association?

    He didn’t speak out.

  • Chukat Table For Five – Chukat

    When the Greatest Prophet of All Time Slipped and Fell

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