The Businessman and the Torah Scholar

50 Percent Owner

The daughter of a successful businessman marries a young Torah scholar. 

The businessman calls his new son-in-law in for a meeting. He says, “Son, I love my daughter. That’s why I’ve decided to make you fifty percent owner of my business. All you have to do is come into the factory every day and learn the ropes.”

The young man says, “Factory? That’s too noisy. I can’t work in a factory.”

“Ok, so we’ll put you in the office and you’ll take over some of the operations.”

“Office? No, no I really can’t sit behind a desk all day.”

“Son, I’ve just made you fifty percent owner of a successful organization, but you can’t work in the factory because it’s too noisy and you can’t work in the office because you can’t sit behind a desk. What am I supposed to do with you?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Buy me out!”


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