Genie in a Bottle

The Mind of a Woman

Shloime and Esty go on a big vacation all the way across the world to Thailand. They’re having a great time until one day they get into a fight. Shloime goes on a walk on the beach by himself to cool off.

While walking, he looks down to see an old-fashioned oil lamp in the sand. He picks it up and, as he rubs off the sand, a genie appears. 

“My master,” the genie says, “I can grant you one wish. Tell me what you want.”

Shloime pulls out his phone and shows the genie a map of Israel. “This is Israel. There’s always conflict there. Make peace between Israel and all its neighbors.”

“You think we haven’t heard of the Middle East peace problem? This is far too complicated for a simple wish. Ask me for something reasonable.”

Shloime thinks about his argument with Esty, his wife, and he says, “OK, my wish is to understand the mind of a woman.”

The genie looks at Shloime and says, “Show me that map again.”


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