The Rabbi and the Cabbie

A Heavenly Spot

A rabbi and a Tel Aviv cab driver are in line to get into heaven. The rabbi is confident he’ll get in, while the cabbie is a little nervous. When they reach the gate, they both get in and the cabbie breathes a sigh of relief.

It’s time for them to be shown where they’ll be living for eternity. The rabbi is taken to a very nice duplex apartment in a nice building on a nice street. He walks out on his balcony and what does he see but the Tel Aviv cabbie being shown into a mansion on a hill.

The rabbi calls the front desk of heaven and says, “Not to complain, my place is very nice, but I dedicated my whole life to bringing my congregation closer to the Lord, yet the cabbie gets the mansion on the hill. What’s going on?”

The front desk tells him, “To be frank, Rabbi, when you were lecturing to your congregation, a lot of people were asleep. But when that cabbie was driving, everybody was praying!”


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