• Beshalach: A Bunch of Whiners

    Moses Lifted His Hands

  • Beshalach: Song of the Sea

    Miriam Brought Tambourines

  • Wrong Way Driver 🤣

    Morrie’s wife calls him in the car.

  • Jewish Partisan Fighter

    Wanted Dead or Alive

  • Beshalach: A Prophetic Promise

    Balancing Opposites

  • Bo: Home Sweet Home

    The First Passover

  • Bo: A New You

    Reasserting Control

  • Chukat: The Red Heifer

    The 613 commandments given by God on Mount Sinai are generally divided into two categories: misphatim (laws) and chukim (decrees). Mishpatim are rules with a clear benefit, for example “Do not murder,” “Do not steal.” Chukim defy rational comprehension. The …

  • Korach: Only One Eye

    Korach was a man of great wisdom and status who is driven by jealousy to lead a mutiny against his cousin Moses. Korach accuses Moses of seizing power for himself and his brother Aaron over the rest of the holy …

  • Emor: Guard Your Tongue

    Emor means “speak.” Speech is a powerful force that can be used to hurt or heal others. One of the most serious sins in the Torah is malicious gossip, known as lashon hara (evil tongue). Our Sages teach, “Three does lashon …

  • Hero of the Forest

    Their goal was survival

  • Tetzaveh: Little Golden Bells

    “Who is the one to be honored? The one who honors others.” – Ben Zoma (Avot 4:1) Parsha Tetzaveh describes the garments worn by the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) while serving in the Temple. One interesting detail is the row of …

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