The Jewish Samurai

Impressing the Emperor

The Emperor of China needed a new Chief Samurai. He held tryouts and selected three finalists for the prestigious position.

The first finalist was a samurai from the south. He stepped forward and opened a small box, releasing a fly. The samurai drew his samurai sword, sliced the air, and the fly, split perfectly in two, fell dead to the ground.

The second finalist, a samurai from the north, came forward holding an even smaller box. He opened it and out flew a gnat. The samurai drew his sword, striked, and the gnat, split in two, fell dead to the ground.

The third finalist was Shimmy Yankowitz from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, carrying an old cigar box. Shimmy opened the box and out flew a bumble bee. He took out a very thin sword, striked, and the bumble bee flew away.

The emperor, annoyed, said, “What kind of skill is that? The bee did not die!”

Shimmy replied, “Of course not, sir. The circumcision is not intended to kill.”


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