Rabbi in Hawaii

Luau Night

Rabbi Goldfarb has always had a secret urge to try pork, but he’s never given into it.

He goes on vacation to Hawaii and every night at the resort, they have a luau where they bring out delicious-smelling suckling pigs to serve to guests.

Rabbi Goldfarb is incredibly tempted. “I’m so far away from home. Who’s going to know?” And so, he orders the suckling pig.

While he’s waiting for it to arrive, who should walk by but Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg from his congregation. “Rabbi Goldfarb, so good to see you! Imagine running into you here.”

Anticipating the arrival of the pig, Rabbi Goldfarb tries to make the conversation as short as possible, but it’s no use. The waiter arrives with a big silver tray containing a roast pig with an apple in its mouth and places it on the table in front of the rabbi.

The Rosenbergs look at the pig and then look at the rabbi. 

The rabbi looks at the Rosenbergs and then looks at the pig. “This resort is so over the top. Imagine, I order an apple and this is how they bring it!”


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