The Great Debate

A voice from Heaven

Four rabbis were having a Talmudic debate about an important matter regarding Jewish law. Everyone stated their case and then they voted. It was three to one against Rabbi Eliezer.

But Rabbi Eliezer was sure that he was right! He cried out to heaven, “God, please send a sign to prove that I am right!”

Out a clear blue sky, it suddenly began to snow.  Rabbi Eliezer said “You see!?”

One of the other rabbis says, “So, it’s snowing in winter. This is a sign?”

Rabbi Eliezer said, “God, please make it clearer to them!”

Out of the sky, a massive icicle fell and split a tree in half. Rabbi Eliezer cried, “It’s a miracle!”

The second rabbi said, “An icicle from the sky. This you call a miracle?”

Before Rabbi Eleizer could appeal to God one more time, the sky darkened and a booming voice called out from heaven, “The law is according to Rabbi Eliezer.”

Eliezer says, “There! Now you see!”

The third rabbi says, “Meh. So now it’s three to two.”


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