The Sermon

"Can it be shorter?"

After services one Shabbat, Rabbi Cohen is approached by Larry Levy, the famous TV producer. “Rabbi Cohen, that sermon was amazing! I want to put you on my talk show on national TV.”

“Oh my, I’m so flattered,” says the rabbi. “That would be wonderful!”

“Here’s the thing, Rabbi. TV audience attention spans are much smaller. You can’t do a 25 minute sermon on TV.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I could take away the opening anecdote about my trip to Brazil. That would chop it down by a few minutes – bring it down to 18 or 19 minutes.”

“Yeah, Rabbi, that’s still too long.”

“Instead of five examples of the teaching, I could do it with three. That would make it twelve minutes.”

“Now we’re cookin’, Rabbi, but it’s got to be shorter than that.”

“Well, really I just need one strong example. Beginning, middle, end, with a nice takeaway. I could do the whole sermon in five minutes flat.”

“So, Rabbi, why didn’t you?

Photo credit: Lainie Berger


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