The Blind Golfer

Slowing Everyone Down

A rabbi, a priest, and an imam have been playing golf together for years. They like to play early and they like to play fast.

One day, they find themselves behind a twosome who are extremely slow. They spend their day waiting as the men in the twosome talk over every single shot.

When they finally get off the course, they walk up to the starter to complain. “That pair ahead of us was so slow!”

“I’m sorry, but that was a blind golfer and his aide,” the starter explains.

The imam replies, “I feel terrible about complaining. I am going to pray to do better in my life and find some way to help blind people.”

The priest says, “I’m going to talk to my church about this. We’re going to take up a collection and donate it to the blind golfer’s association.”

The rabbi says, “So they couldn’t play at night?”


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