Yeshiva Rowers 不

Why do they always lose?

Yeshiva University decides to offer a new sport: rowing. Unfortunately, the team loses one race after another. Though they train for hours every day, they always finish dead last.

Finally the team sends captain Tzvi Kepplestein to spy on Harvard, the perennial champions.

Tzvi drives up to Cambridge and hides in the bushes beside the Charles River. He watches the Harvard crew practice for a week, and carefully takes notes.

Upon his return to Yeshiva U, Tzvi gathers his teammates.

I figured out their secret.”

Baruch HaShem! What is it? Tell us!

We should only have one guy yelling, and the other eight row.

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Image: Harvard crew on the Charles, 1986. Accidental Talmudist is the one in a hat.

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