Baby Blessing

Eleven Kids In Five Years

A couple goes to see a rabbi for a blessing to have children because they’ve been trying and haven’t had any success. 

The rabbi says, “You came to me at the right time. I’m on my way to Israel. I’ll write a note with your names on it and your prayer for children and put it in the Western Wall in Jerusalem.”

Five years later, the rabbi is back in town and he runs into the woman. He says, “Did you have children? Was your prayer answered?”

She says, “Rabbi, we have eleven children.”

“Eleven kids in five years?”

“Yes, Rabbi. The first year we had twins. The second year we had twins. Then we had one. Then we had triplets. Then we had triplets again.”

“That’s incredible! Where’s your husband?”

“He’s in Israel right now.”

“Oh, really? Is he there on business?”

“No, he’s at the Western Wall, looking for that note!”


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