The Building Campaign

Fundraising Tips

A rabbi and a minister become friends, meeting every year at an interfaith conference. One year, the minister says to the rabbi, “You guys are so good at fundraising. I’m really having trouble. The members of my church are just not donating enough.”

The rabbi says, “You’re approaching this all wrong. It’s all about the building fund. You’ve gotta have a building fund and then people will donate.”

The following year, they meet again. The minister tells the rabbi, “You were absolutely right. Donations for the building fund are pouring in. It’s fantastic! Thank you so much for that tip.”

Another year goes by and they meet yet again. The minister says, “It was good while it lasted, but we finished the building and now people are just not donating as much as they were.”

The rabbi replies, “You finished the building? Who told you to finish the building? You never finish the building!”


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