Desert Island

Two Synagogues

A religious Jew is shipwrecked and spends thirty years on a deserted island. Finally, a passing ship sees his bonfire and sends a rescue party. Thank God, he’s getting off the island!

The captain of the ship is curious how this man spent thirty years living alone, so he goes ashore and gets a tour of the island. He sees the tools, the cooking utensils, the living accommodation, etc. He asks, “What did you do so that you wouldn’t go insane living alone for thirty years?”

The old Jew says, “Let me show you.”

The pair take a little path through the jungle and come to a clearing where there is a magnificent synagogue that looks like an old European cathedral.

The captain says, “Oh, I see. It must have taken thirty years to have built this alone by hand.”

The old Jew says, “No, actually it took me fifteen years. Let me show you what I did for the next fifteen.”

They take another path through the jungle to another clearing and there’s another magnificent synagogue.

The captain says, “I understand you needed to keep busy, but two synagogues? Why?”

The old Jew says, “The first synagogue I pray in every day. The second synagogue, I would never step foot in that synagogue!”


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