The Debutante Ball 🤣

It’s 1958, and the captain of the US Navy base in Biloxi, Mississippi gets a call.

“Captain, my name is Amelia Ainsley. Of the Biloxi Ainsleys, as I’m sure you are aware?”

“I’m new to the area, ma’am.”

“Well, Captain, when an Ainsley comes out at a debutante ball, it’s quite the thing. And this is my daughter’s year. I would like you to send over four young officers, handsome of course. Impeccably dressed, unmarried, and well-bred.”

“I suppose we have some boys like that.”

“They should expect an evening of polite conversation, proper dancing, and a bit of punch. No drunkenness. Oh, and Captain, I’m sure it goes without saying, but no Jews. We surely don’t like Jews, particularly at an Ainsley affair.”

“Copy that, ma’am. No Jews it is.”

The night arrives, and Mrs. Ainsley opens the door of Ainsley Hall to find four handsome, impeccably dressed, African-American naval officers on her porch.

“Uh…. uh… there must be some mistake!”

“Oh no, ma’am, Captain Cohen doesn’t make mistakes.”


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