Driving Through Israel During Sukkot…不

The Texan Got Thirsty

A Texan was driving through Israel during Sukkot and began to feel thirsty.

Because of the holiday, he couldn’t find anything open.

Noticing a sukkah (festival dwelling) by the side of the road, he stopped and met the owner.

Can you give me a drink of water?

Of course, said the Israeli, and invited the Texan into his sukkah.

His thirst quenched, the Texan asked, “What do you do?

I raise vegetables and have a few chickens.

Really? Im a farmer too. How much land do you have?

Well, said the Israeli, out front its a good fifty meters, as you can see, and in the back we have close to a hundred meters of fine land. And you?

Well, says the Texan, on my ranch, I can have breakfast, get in my car, drive all day, and I dont reach the end of my property until dinnertime.

Hawh! I know what you mean – I once had a car like that too.”

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