The 100 to 1 Lemon Bet 不

Big John bet 100 to 1 that nobody could squeeze a single drop out of the lemon...

Big John was the strongest man around. He was so sure of it, he had a standing 100-to-1 bet.

He’d squeeze a whole lemon into a glass.

Then he’d the hand the peel to any challenger. If the man could squeeze out a single drop more, Big John would pay him 100 to 1.

Many people tried – weight-lifters, rowers, wrestlers, boxers – but nobody could do it, and Big John made a tidy sum taking their bets.

One day, Sidney Hymanwasser approached Big John in a pub, and laid $100 on the bar.

Big John and his pals looked down at scrawny Sidney, all 5 feet 2 inches of him, and laughed.

“Happy to take your money, little fella.”

A lemon was brought out, and Big John filled a whiskey glass with its juice.

Every patron in the pub chuckled as Big John handed the wrinkled peel to Sidney.

The smaller man wrapped his hands around it, and squeezed.

Shock filled the room, as not one, but four drops fell into the glass!

Scowling, Big John counted off $10,000 and asked, “What are you, a circus act or something?”

“No, chairman of my temple’s building fund.”

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