The Doctor of Chelm 不

His first patient was the town's great sage, Yitzy Yankel.

In the annals of Jewish humor, the town of Chelm is widely known for its intelligence-challenged residents.

When Dr. Levine opened a medical office in Chelm, his first patient was the town’s great sage, Yitzy Yankel.

“Doctor, I hurt all over.”

“That’s not medically possible.”

“But it’s true! When I touch my leg – ouch! – it hurts. When I touch my arm – ouch! – it hurts. When I touch my head – ouch! – it hurts. When I touch my chest – ouch! – it really hurts.

Yitzy Yankel, I know for a fact that your body is fine.

How could you possibly know such a thing, Doctor?

“Because your finger is broken.”

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