Shoe Repair 不

Yankel found a 40-year-old ticket for shoe repair.

Going through an old drawer, Yankel found a 40-year-old ticket for shoe repair. He remembered bringing in his third best dress shoes for new heels and realized he’d forgotten all about them.

“I wonder if old Goldberg is still repairing shoes? I haven’t been in that neighborhood in ages!” So Yankel drove over, and to his amazement, Goldberg’s Shoe Repair was still there, with old Mr. Goldberg working behind the counter.

Yankel figured his shoes were long gone, but it couldn’t hurt to ask, so he walked in, greeted Mr. Goldberg, and showed him the 40-year-old ticket.

“Any chance you still have the shoes?”

“Let me check.”

Old Goldberg toddled off into the back. A minute later, he called out, “Here they are!”

“Wow, this guy is amazing,” thought Yankel.

Old Goldberg came back out, and handed the ticket back to Yankel.

“They’ll be ready on Tuesday.

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