Old Syd Finkel was very particular about air travel. He specifically asked the airline for a window seat. When the time came to check in, however, he was given an aisle seat. All his complaints met with, "Sorry sir, there's nothing we can do."

During the entire trip, he fidgeted, squirmed and kvetched. When the plane landed Syd went straight to customer service.

“I specifically asked for a window seat! I got hit by the drink cart. There was a man snoring across the aisle. A child spilled juice on me. It was miserable! Now I specifically asked for a window seat when I purchased the ticket and your airline told me I would get one. But see! Look at my boarding pass. Aisle seat.” 

"I'm very sorry, sir. Did you by any chance try to trade seats with the person in the seat next to you?"

"That was impossible!"

"Why, sir?"

"Because there was no one in the seat next to me!"

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Image by Todd Lappin