Modern Day Philosophers

I sit down with comedian Danny Lobell for a hilarious session on umbrella stabbings, Harvard rowing, bad performance art and Mexican weed. 

On his podcast, Modern Day Philosophers, comedian Danny Lobell (Comical Radio, This American Life) explores a new philosopher in every episode with guests like Fred Armisen, Colin Quinn, Brian Regan, Gad Elmaleh, Lewis Black, Marc Maron, Jackie Mason, Mayim Bialik, Robert Klein, and now… me!

Danny is hilarious, and I loved chatting with him. In our episode, I shared several stories publicly for the first time, including my how Mexican weed got me into Harvard, my embarrassing performance art career, and what it really took to get our first movie made.

We also covered an umbrella stabbing and the surprising teachings of Scottish philosopher Adam Ferguson. Don’t miss it!

S9: Ep.99: Salvador Litvak and Adam Ferguson

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