Comedians In The Talmud

There have always been jokers among us. Their destiny is not like everyone else's...

Rabbi Beroka of Bei Chozai used to frequent the marketplace of Bei Lefet. Elijah the Prophet frequently appeared to him.

Once R’ Beroka said to him, “Is there anyone in this marketplace who is destined for the World to Come?”

Elijah answered, “No.”

Then two men entered the marketplace. Elijah said to R’ Beroka, “Those two are destined for the World to Come.”

R’ Beroka went over to them, and said, “What do you do?”

They said, “We’re comedians. We give cheer to those who are depressed. Also, whenever we see two people involved in a quarrel we try to make peace between them.”

– Ta’anit 22a, B. Talmud

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Image: Comedian Danny Lobell on the Accidental Talmudist Show

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