Three Brothers, Three Beers

Long-Distance Drinking Buddies

Abe, Solly, and Moshe Levine are three brothers who have emigrated to different countries. Abe is in New York, Solly is in London, and Moshe is in Sydney. They agree to honor their brotherhood by drinking a beer for each other every week.

So Solly goes to the same London pub every Monday night, orders three beers, and sits in the corner, thinking of his brothers. 

The regulars get to know him and they understand why he orders three beers on the same day every week.

One Monday, Solly comes into the pub and he only orders two beers. The regulars are concerned. Finally, the bartender says to Solly, “You only ordered two beers. Did something happen to one of your brothers?”

“No,” replies Solly. “I just decided to give up drinking.”


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