Shabbos With A New Husband 🤣

Sarah marries Moshe the butcher...

A rabbi dies. After some time has passed, the congregation encourages his wife Sarah to marry again. The only available candidate is Moishe the butcher. Although reluctant, because she was used to living with a scholar, Sarah accepts and they are soon married.

On her first Friday afternoon as a new wife, Moishe tells Sarah, “My mother always said that before the start of Shabbos, it is a mitzvah to make love before going to shul.” So they do.

When they come back from shul, Moishe tells Sarah, “According to my father, it is a mitzvah to make love as soon as you come back from shul.” They do.

When it’s time to go to sleep, Moishe says, “My grandfather told me that one should always make love late on Shabbos night.” So they do.

As soon as they awake in the morning, Moishe tells Sarah, “My aunt says that a pious Jew always starts the Shabbos day by making love.” And once again, they do.

Next day, Sunday, Sarah goes out to the market and meets a congregant who asks her, “So, Sarah, how is the new husband?”

“Well, an intellectual he isn’t, but Moishe comes from a wonderful family!”


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