Nisan: Blossoms And Blessings

Bircat HaIlanot

The Hebrew month of Nisan falls in the springtime (for most of us), when gardens come alive after the cold winter months, and fruit trees start to blossom. Bircat HaIlanot is a special once-a-year blessing we say when we see blossoming fruit trees during Nisan. It’s a reminder to be thankful for fruit, gifts from God that fall at our feet, sweet and ready to enjoy. 

“Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the Universe, that His world is not lacking anything, and He created in it good creations and good trees for the pleasure of mankind.” Click here for Hebrew and transliteration.

Bircat HaIlanot should be said with great concentration. According to Jewish mystical teachings (Kabbala), this particular blessing connects us to the souls of departed loved ones and helps them in the World of Truth (afterlife). Ideally one says Bircat HaIlanot as soon as possible in the month of Nisan, and in the presence of at least two trees. However if necessary the blessing can be said when seeing a single blooming tree. Traditionally people traveled to an orchard during Nisan to recite the special blessing. Today some have the custom of visiting a botanical garden and saying the blessing there.

“See [said Isaac of Jacob], the fragrance of my son is like the fragrance of a field that G‑d has blessed.” -Gen. 27:27.Our Sages teach that this verse applies to anyone who recites Bircat HaIlanot with the proper intention.

May Nisan be a month of delicious fruit and revealed miracles for all of us!

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