Moshe Storch Sings to God!

Counting the Omer

Beautiful original song from the one-and-only Moshe Storch! Based on the counting of 50 days between Passover and Shavuot (Pentecost), Moshe turns our daily prayer into a transcendent experience. 

Moshe writes:

“This song was composed and produced with the goal of inspiring Jews to pray with proper kavana (intentionality). It is dedicated l’illui nishmat (elevation of the soul) of my beloved sister Yehudis bas Rav Shalom Sheyichyeh of blessed memory. 

“Profound thanks to the talented Yehuda Solomon of the Moshav Band and the local Los Angeles talent of Yossi Katz, Moshe Czapnick, Eli Goldstein, Yoel Weiss and David Emeth, and grammy award winner David Greenbaum who engineers, mixes, masters and shoots this beautiful track.

“The Layout of the song is meant for the listener to count the number of the day each night of the Omer using this musical outline. The prayers of Ana B’koach and Lamnatzeach can also be inserted into the space of the 2nd and 3rd chorus as a cry out to our Master and a cleansing of our soul!”

This recording uses Day 26 as an example of counting because 26 is the numerical value of God’s principal name in the Torah.

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