Super Bowl Party For The Homeless!

Game Day To Remember

An hour before the Super Bowl, Nina and I were combing the streets of Los Angeles in search of homeless people to watch the big game with us.

We’d teamed up with Meir Kay to create a bicoastal #SuperSoulParty, a Super Bowl Party for the Homeless.

We approached people living on the street and invited them to our party. Many were resistant, but others were excited to attend. We transported them to the party in a Lyft van and Nina’s car. The game was epic, but the best part was getting to know folks like Brandon. He wanted to learn a little Torah while watching the game in a synagogue. That’s him quoting 2nd century Rabbi Shimon ben Zoma: “Who is strong? One who controls his impulses.”

It takes a team of special souls to make Super Soul Party a reality and we want to thank Lieder’sTemple Beth AmAdam Kligfeld and all the volunteers who reached out and embraced our neighbors.

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