Here's a piece of wisdom based on this week's Torah portion - Noah.

Rabbi Levi taught: when the Holy One ordered Noah to include two of every kind aboard the ark, Falsehood tried to enter.

Noah said, "You may not enter unless you bring a mate."

So Falsehood searched for a mate and encountered Vexation. 
Falsehood proposed they marry and enter the ark together. 

Vexation would not agree without a guarantee of material gain. In desperation, Falsehood promised all future earnings. 

When they left the ark, Falsehood began earning a living again, but Vexation took everything Falsehood gained. 

Falsehood demanded a share for doing all the work, but Vexation stood firm upon their pact.

And the proverb concludes: what falsehood earns, vexation acquires. (based on Midrash Psalms 7:11). 

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