A rider emerged from the shimmering heat of the desert, and approached a large tent.

Our father Abraham rushed out to help the rider dismount from his camel.

“Welcome, friend. Come in and take refreshment.”

“Are you Abraham?”

“Yes, friend, come in from the blazing heat."

“I’ve heard that you say One God sustains the world. Please explain this to me.”

“Certainly, but first sit and have a cool drink.”

“Thank you, that was refreshing. Now please tell me about the One God.”

“Ah, here comes my wife, Sarah. Time to eat.”

“I'm honored, ma’am. I've come to learn about the One God.”

“You are most welcome here. You'll enjoy my husband’s stew. Eat.”

“This is wonderful! Now, can you teach me…“

“Try my wife’s dessert. She's the finest baker in the land.”

“Delicious! Can we now…”

“Come outside. Sit under the stars and have some tea.”

“I’ve never had such good tea. And this is the most peaceful, beautiful place I’ve ever known. A magnificent setting in which to learn. May we begin?”

“In the morning, friend. You've traveled far, and eaten heartily. Now rest.”

“It is true I'm sleepy…”

“Good morning, friend! Have some breakfast!”

“You are the most generous hosts on Earth! I beg you’ll forgive me for asking so many times for an explanation of the One God.”

“There's nothing to forgive! I admire your curiosity, and now you have your answer.”

“I do?”

“Surely you see that God quenched your thirst for water, through us. God satisfied your hunger for food, through us. God led you to a place of beauty and peace beneath His stars, through us. And it was God who gave you a place to rest and refresh, through us.”

“But how shall I know God when I return home?”

“When you return home, you'll know God by refreshing others."

With thanks to Rabbi Noah Farkas

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