Passover: Inner Pharaoh

Make It Personal

If you want to make Passover a transformative experience, you have to make it personal. Everyone has a personal pharaoh. It could be smoking, rage, overeating, passivity, fear of public speaking… anything that enslaves you to a self-destructive habit. As you enter Passover this year, recognize your pharaoh. Commit to liberating yourself from this negative character trait this year.

When you read the Haggadah at the Seder, listen for the word “pharaoh.” Every time you hear it, think about the habit you’re going to leave behind. Ask God for help to drown your personal pharaoh, just as the mightiest army in the world was drowned in the Red Sea (aka Sea of Reeds.)

This is a prayer God loves and routinely grants. You will get help in this quest. You will feel better about yourself and closer to God when you redirect negative energy into positive action. 

May you have great success in drowning your personal pharaoh!

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