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"In every age they rise up to destroy us, but the Holy One [and the U.S. Army!] rescues us from their hands..."
- Passover Haggadah

What an amazing picture! 

May every Jew-hater end up like this one: dead, failed, forgotten, and replaced by the holiness of Jewish light shining forth for the benefit of all people!

Here's a description from The Atlanti:

"Pfc. Abraham Mirmelstein of Newport News, Virginia, holds the Holy Scroll as Capt. Manuel M. Poliakoff, and Cpl. Martin Willen, of Baltimore, Maryland, conduct services in Schloss Rheydt, former residence of Dr. Joseph Paul Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister, in Münchengladbach, Germany on March 18, 1945. They were the first Jewish services held east of the Rur River and were offered in memory of soldiers of the faith who were lost by the 29th Division, U.S. 9th Army."

With thanks to Jason Van Borssu

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