Yitro: The Ear That Listens

Parsha Yitro is named for the Midianite priest  who became Moses’ father-in-law and top advisor. How did idolator become one of the greatest figures in Jewish history? The answer is right there in the Torah: Yitro listened (Ex 18:1).

Rabbi Avigdor Miller explains that “all nations heard ” (Ex 15:4) about God delivering the Jews from Egypt – but only Yitro changed his life because of it. He didn’t passively hear but actively listened, and came to the conclusion that his entire belief system was a lie. Our sages describe Yitro as “a man with an ear that listens to the instruction of life” (Prov. 15:31).

Like Yitro, may we listen to the instruction of life and grow righteous!

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