Class 25 - Talking Your Way Into And Out Of Heaven

Do our words really have the power to get us into or keep us out of heaven? Where do we find a reference to the Resurrection of the Dead in the Written Torah? Studying Sanhedrin 90a, B. Talmud. 

Class 16 - Berachos 55 - Interpreting Dreams

Class 16 - Berachos 55 - Interpreting Dreams - Today we're studying Talmud! From Tractate Berachos (Blessings), wisdom from our sages regarding dreams, government, and weather.

Class 11 - Murder at a Purim Feast

Class 11: Murder at a Purim Feast As Purim approaches, we encounter a Talmudic conundrum:

Rabbah and Rav Zeira celebrated the Purim feast together. They became intoxicated. Rabbah arose and slaughtered Rav Zeira. The next day, Rabbah prayed for mercy on Rav Zeira’s behalf and revived him. The following year, Rabbah said, “Let master come, and we will celebrate the Purim feast together.” Rav Zeira answered, “Not every time does a miracle occur.” -Megillah 7b, B. Talmud

What is going on here? A holy Sage gets so drunk that he slaughters a colleague, and yet he merits to have his resurrection prayer answered by God?

Class 10 - God Says, "I Show You The Pattern."

Class 10: God Says, "I Show You The Pattern." Torah Portion Terumah, Exodus 25. Making a sanctuary for the Lord within ourselves. Stories from R' David of Tolna and R' Simcha Bunin of P'shische. Accidental Talmudist is lighting up the world with Torah! On Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018, AT is raising $200K in 24 hours, all-or-nothing, with every donation quadrupled by three generous matchers.

Class 9 - Inner Meaning of the Ten Commandments - Part II

Inner Meaning of the Ten Commandments Part 2 - The Laws Between Man and Man To get the most out of this class, you must register (it's free): Registration enables you to participate by commenting, asking questions, and being seen by other participants (if you choose).

Class 7 - Not For the Sake of Reward - Pirkei Avot 1:3

Pirkei Avot 1:3, serving God by helping the creatures great and small, and doing it out of love/awe rather than for the sake of reward. Learning from Abraham Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural. We take no thing from this world into the next, not even ur socks.