Our weekly show features musical guests, rabbis, comedians, chefs, and more! Here are some of our favorite episodes.

Matisyahu on AT Live, Part 1  Reggae superstar Matisyahu performs “Lord Get Me High” and “Step Out Into the Light.” EPIC!

Shofar maven David Zasloff, Rav Eli Skaist from the Holy Land, music mensch Moshe Storch. Nina shares the story of a bachelor who saved a baby against all odds from the Holocaust.

Matisyahu on AT Live, Part 2  Matis beatboxes and performs his classic tune “Jerusalem.” MUST SEE!

We're blasting the shofar at the LA Zoo! Where are you tuning in from? What's your shofar dedication today? And let's see how the animals respond...

Why are there no women in Uman? We discuss a hot-button topic: the separation of men and women in traditional Judaism.

Take a tour of Uman with me as Jews from around the world gather for Rosh Hashanah at the burial place of the great Rebbe Nachman.

Today we’re interacting with the audience! How is God speaking to you? Please share your stories and questions.

Inner and Outer Garments of Meaning The Hanukkah Show! Featuring Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson and Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny.



It’s the L’Chaim Show and my birthday! With celebrity chef Eric Greenspan.

We're talking politics, Rabbi Akiva and challah...

My heart is bursting with joy! Today Rabbi Shlomo Katz joins Nina, Moshe and me on the L’Chaim Show. Sing with us, and hear a tale of inspiration...

Purim Edition!  Here's an amazingly uplifting story from our Sages about drinking, murder, and holiness! Plus a little joke to spice up your day...

Today, the Tale of Two Rebbes, a pebble you can bring to dinner. With thanks to Reb Shlomo Carlebach, Susan Yael Mesinai, and Doug Lipman.



Join us for a musical Hallel (Praise) as we welcome the Hebrew month of Adar, the month of joy (because it contains the festival of Purim) at Maayon Yisroel in LA. This one went VIRAL!

I like praying in rowdy congregations, so I expected to enjoy the Uman experience. What I got was so much more! Watch the full 16-minute film at bit.ly/2luuj5M

My pals, we’re invited to a bris! Join us as we welcome Ben & Chava Rivka’s baby boy into the ancient covenant between God and the Jewish People!

Love these guys! Young seekers from NY in LA looking for a deeper connection with Hashem (God). Shabbat has already ended, but they're keeping it going...

Chodesh Tov! We're welcoming the new Hebrew month of Elul with Hallel, songs of praise and thanks, at Maayon Yisroel Hasidic Center in LA. Only one month to Rosh Hashanah! Join us!

Check out this music video I directed for Hillel Tigay and IKAR. We filmed a big Bollywood dance number on a rooftop in downtown LA.



Why does God harden Pharaoh's heart? Does that mean he doesn't have free will? Isn't our whole system based on free will? And how does this relate to a Jewish view of the afterlife?

Walking in the Old City of Jerusalem with R' David Aaron, we confront one of the biggest questions of all: why does God allow evil to exist?

While roaming the Mount of Olives with the "Guru of Jerusalem," Gutman Locks, we break down the obstacles to making a higher connection, and reveal the amazing reward that follows…


One who is praying should have
his eyes turned down and his
heart turned up.

- Yevamot 105b, B. Talmud