Table For Five - Torah Portion Shoftim

Five different takes on Deut 20:8 - Is there anyone afraid and disheartened? Let him go back to his home, lest the courage of his comrades flag like this.

The Bride With Many Souls

The Bride With Many Souls

On the 15th of the Hebrew month of Av, the maidens of Jerusalem would go out dressed in white garments and dance in the vineyards.

The Summer Solstice And Judaism - Bring On the Clouds!

The Summer Solstice And Judaism - Bring On the Clouds!

The longest day of the year is a time when God's presence is most concealed. Even on a hot, cloudless day, however, the Sages’ words of Torah aroused moisture in the air, which in turn created the beautiful semblance of a rainbow.

Comedians In The Talmud

Comedians In The Talmud

There have always been jokers among us. Their destiny is not like everyone else's...

What are the Noahide Laws?

What are the Noahide Laws?

The Noahide laws are laws given by God to all mankind. They're fairly straightforward, but like anything in matters of faith, there's endless depth available for those who inquire.

A Story From Rebbe Nachman

During the early days of Hasidism, just as now, many "sophisticated" Jews turned away from the tradition of their ancestors in order to pursue a life based on secular values.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov responded with a story...

The Hidden Holiness

In trying to become a holier person, one can go astray despite donning the garments, behaviors, and thoughts of holiness. 

The Lubavitcher Rebbe had a beautiful teaching about this...

Your Birthday Psalm

My pals, last week I learned of a beautiful tradition originated by the Baal Shem Tov - Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezer, founder of the Hasidic movement. 

On your birthday, you begin to study the psalm corresponding to the year you're living.

One Should Taste Every Permitted Food

Rav Chizkiya said in the name of Rav, "In the World to Come, every person will be called to account for everything his eyes saw, but of which he did not eat. 

Terrorism is Not New

Right now, the good people of the world are scared. We find ourselves targeted by a savage death cult, and wonder when the next attack will occur.

The Definition of Soulmates

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz was asked, "Do you believe in soulmates?" 

He said, "It's quite true that God decides before we're born who the right spouse is for us, but it is not necessarily true that God decides such a couple will be happy."

A Prayer for Israel’s Enemies

Master of the Universe, please help our enemies see with their eyes and understand with their heartsbefore it is too late.